K-9 Search and Rescue

Brice S&R
NOCDS 2009
SDS 2006-2009




There are several K-9 Search and Rescue Organizations in the Mid-South area.

My wife is currently training Tobie, an English Springer Spaniel, as an Area Search (air scent) dog.  She also has Élan, a French Spaniel, that she is training for Human Remains Detection.

Élan, our French Spaniel, injured her right front leg and had to be retired.  Now she's training Brice and going out with him for searches too.

I just get lost all the time.  :-)  I go out and create a trail, then a dog is sent out to locate me.  At least for the air scent and trailing dogs.  I'm not ready for the Human Remains Detection dogs yet.

There are two organizations in the Mid-South area that we've worked with.  They are the Mid-South Search And Rescue Dog Association, MSSARDA and Search Dogs South, SDS.

The posted sites are pictures of our training in the Mid-South area with both groups.

Pictures of actual searches are not authorized unless they're released to the public by the authorities that contacted the group.

Currently our S&R dogs are being trained locally along with national groups and training camps.

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